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Welcome to Caca Labs, home of professional, enterprise-ready solutions for a wide range of modern IT scenarios.


This is our most famous software:

  • libcaca, the industry-standard colour ASCII-art library
  • zzuf, an application fuzzer
  • toilet, a FIGlet replacement

libcaca Ohloh metrics zzuf Ohloh metrics toilet Ohloh metrics

We also maintain the following software:

This is research material, yet already usable:

  • neercs, a screen replacement
  • libpipi, an image processing library
  • PWNtcha, a CAPTCHA breaker
  • git-bigfiles, a fork of Git suited for projects hosting large binary files

zzuf Ohloh metrics libpipi Ohloh metrics



We offer services for various purposes.

  • git-svn repositories for SVN-using projects

Want to join? If you believe your project fits in, we can host mailing-lists, a bug tracking system, Git and SVN repositories... Just contact


  • 11 Dec 2012: we celebrate 10 years of libcaca by [having a beer together in Paris]!
  • 1 Apr 2010: please stop asking us whether Google used libcaca for TEXTp, we are under NDA and cannot answer that question
  • 9 Feb 2010: toilet 0.2
  • 8 Feb 2010: libcaca 0.99.beta17
  • 31 Jan 2010: zzuf 0.13
  • 24 Dec 2009: new website features: forums and documentation!

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