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The TOIlet project attempts to create a free replacement for the FIGlet utility. TOIlet stands for “The Other Implementation’s letters”, coined after FIGlet’s “Frank, Ian and Glen’s letters”.

TOIlet is in its very early development phase. It uses the powerful libcaca library to achieve various text-based effects. TOIlet implements or plans to implement the following features:

  • The ability to load FIGlet fonts
  • Support for Unicode input and output
  • Support for colour fonts
  • Support for colour output
  • Support for various output formats: HTML, IRC, ANSI...

TOIlet also aims for full FIGlet compatibility. It is currently able to load FIGlet fonts and perform horizontal smushing.

Live test

The live test is currently disabled.


The latest TOIlet version is toilet-0.3.tar.gz (6 Apr 2012).




Development happens in a centralised Subversion repository:

There is also a Git repository that mirrors the central one:

If you want to discuss toilet or report bugs, you can write to me at or join #libcaca on

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