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neercs is a work-in-progress libcaca project.

Like GNU screen, it allows you to detach a session from a terminal, but provides unique features:

  • Grabbing a process that you forgot to start inside neercs
  • Great screensaver
  • 3D rotating cube to switch between full screen terms
  • Real time thumbnails of your shells
  • Special effects when closing a window
  • Various window layouts...

neercs was written by Sam Hocevar, Jean-Yves Lamoureux and Pascal Terjan. It is free software, and can be used, modified and distributed under the terms of the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License.



Neercs research and development are currently taking part in the Lol Engine project due to its use of GPU technology.

Read the following if you wish to hack on neercs:

Development happens in a centralised Subversion repository:

There is also a Git repository that mirrors the central one:

If you want to discuss neercs or report bugs, you can subscribe to the libcaca mailing-list or join #libcaca on



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