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Libpipi examples

A tileable brushed metal texture:

pipi random:256x256 --gray --wrap --blur 10x0 -o image.png

A tileable neon texture:

pipi random:128x128 --wrap --blur 10 --contrast .98 --tile 256x256 -o image.png

A tileable, colourful cloth-like texture:

pipi random:256x256 --wrap --boxblur 30 --autocontrast -o image.png

Smooth an image while retaining sharp edges:

pipi monaface.png --dup --median 2 --mean -o image.png

Apply a poster effect to any image:

pipi lena.png --scale 4 --split --roll 3 --dither halftone:30:45 --roll 3 --dither halftone:30:75 --roll 3 --dither halftone:30:15 --combine --scale .25 -o image.png

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