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The January 2007 media player debacle

Media players are especially sensitive to stream corruption. In fact, zzuf started its life as a tool to find bugs in the VLC media player software. The following table gives a few examples of crashes (all programs were the latest version in Debian i386 sid as of 2007/01/14). Click on each link to download the file that caused the crash:

Disclaimer 1: “robust” does not mean that there is no bug, it just means that zzuf could not find one in reasonable time.

Disclaimer 2: segmentation faults reported below are not necessarily bugs in the program itself; for instance, the MPEG-2 crashes are more likely due to a bug in the libmpeg2 library.


Other bugs

Here is a list of other bugs that were easily found using zzuf, each time in a matter of seconds.


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