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[libcaca] libcaca 0.99.beta17

   Dear fellows,

   We make history yet another time. Notwithstanding its general
awesomeness, this masterful libcaca release also manages to finish
development release 17 in less than 10 years. A milestone Enlightenment,
the other project of incredible quality with more developers than users,
is struggling to complete after more than 9 years of development.

   libcaca 0.99.beta17 can be downloaded here:


   There are three brand new ways to leverage the potential of
professional libcaca applications, thanks to the new PHP, Java and DOS
(conio.h) bindings. This release also adds support for triangle texture
mapping, Unicode glyphs in the X11 driver, troff output, ANSI-coloured
FIGlet fonts, and dirty rectangles for improved performance and visual

   I am also pleased to announce that we now have a free logo, saving
distributions from the counterproductive hassle of rebranding libcaca.
This makes us officially 71% more free than Firefox. Note that unlike
Firefox, we were already being protected from being renamed to a
ridiculous name in Debian by having a ridiculous name in the first time.

   More information about libcaca can be found here:


Have fun,
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