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[libcaca] Re: libcaca: svn commit r325 (sam)

On Mon, Mar 06, 2006, John Beppu wrote:

> I'm kinda happy to see unicode being included, because ASCII art seems
> to be alive and well on sites like 2ch.net.  (Technically, it's not
> really ASCII, but art using fixed-width letters is close enough.)

   Indeed. Unfortunately 2ch art mostly uses variable-width cells and
this is not something I can see arrive in libcaca in the near future,
except for double width characters (kanjis, kanas, and the double width
ASCII). I have found some rather decent fixed-width Unicode art. There
is a 0.001% chance that this will come out OK in an email, but let's

         ∧_∧    ┌──────────
       ◯ (´∀`)◯  < OMG HY!!!
        \  /   └──────────
       _/ _ \_
      (_/ \_)

   The main reasons why I wanted Unicode were the 25/50/75% gray glyphs
and the rest of the ANSI-art characters (also known as IBM Codepage 437)
that can be used in the Windows console, which is what many Win32 text
demos do. Examples:


   There are even extensions to IBM's half-block glyphs in Unicode that
make the 16 quarter-block combinations glyphs available:

      ▌ ▞▖▌ ▌

   And there must be a use for those planes, telephones, skulls and
chess pieces! (✈ ☎ ☯ ♔ ☠ ❄ ❋ ❈ ❄ ❆ ✺ ✼ ✰ ✪ ✳ ✢ ✦ ★ ☃ ♤)

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