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(edit) @4805   9 years Sam Hocevar figfont: support setting the canvas width and smushing mode from the …
(edit) @4804   9 years Sam Hocevar build: fix "make dist", which was broken because of the vcproj -> …
(edit) @4803   9 years Sam Hocevar figfont: stick the source canvas's width, if specified.
(edit) @4802   9 years Alex Foulon Add support for python3 to python bindings.
(edit) @4801   9 years Alex Foulon Add unittest for canvas module.
(edit) @4800   9 years Alex Foulon Drop tabs and trailing spaces.
(edit) @4799   9 years Alex Foulon Add check-source rule for python files.
(edit) @4798   9 years Alex Foulon Fixed wildcard for python and perl extension.
(edit) @4797   9 years Alex Foulon Add cacaclock demo and python binaries to git ignore list.
(edit) @4787   10 years Pascal Terjan Drop trailing spaces
(edit) @4786   10 years Pascal Terjan Add set_cursor to the ruby binding (patch from Tony Miller …
(edit) @4780   10 years Sam Hocevar ncurses: if terminal doesn't support curs_set(2), try curs_set(1).
(edit) @4779   10 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Updated help
(edit) @4778   10 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Removed unused variable
(edit) @4777   10 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Added command line parsing (--dateformat, --font, --help, --version) …
(edit) @4776   10 years Alex Foulon * Handles error messages from libcaca and ctypes with CanvasError?
(edit) @4775   10 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Added width/height fetch
(edit) @4774   10 years Alex Foulon * Fixed utf32_to_utf8 function.
(edit) @4773   10 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Added preliminary cacaclock, a continuous clock
(edit) @4772   10 years Alex Foulon * Make mask an optional argument for Canvas.blit method. * Drawing and …
(edit) @4771   10 years Alex Foulon * method Canvas.put_char now handle utf8 char.
(edit) @4770   10 years Alex Foulon * Bind font functions. * Bind caca_render_canvas function. * Add …
(edit) @4769   10 years Alex Foulon * Fix get_key_utf8 method, return python string with utf8 char now.
(edit) @4767   10 years Sam Hocevar Fix a bug in our Xutf8LookupString() usage.
(edit) @4766   10 years Sam Hocevar Rename figfont into charfont. We will support far more than figfonts …
(edit) @4712   11 years Alex Foulon * Add examples: colors, driver and event.
(edit) @4711   11 years Alex Foulon * Add examples: blit, frames and text.
(edit) @4710   11 years Alex Foulon * Bind figfont functions * Add example figfont
(edit) @4708   11 years Alex Foulon * Convert RGB image to RGBA.
(edit) @4707   11 years Alex Foulon * Fix color mask order in Dither class.
(edit) @4706   11 years Alex Foulon * Add example: port of img2txt with python bindings.
(edit) @4705   11 years Alex Foulon * Bind dither functions
(edit) @4702   11 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Fixed typo in img2txt doc (patch courtesy of Julien Danjou) * Fixes #85
(edit) @4689   11 years Sam Hocevar Fix the Win32 build: ssize_t was no longer defined.
(edit) @4688   11 years Sam Hocevar Convert stuff to Visual Studio 2010. It has <stdint.h>!
(edit) @4687   11 years Sam Hocevar Minor tuning to caca_types.h.
(edit) @4686   11 years Sam Hocevar Get rid of the build time generated caca_types.h. It sucked.
(edit) @4680   11 years Sam Hocevar Link libcaca with -lgnugetopt if necessary.
(edit) @4679   11 years Sam Hocevar Set version to 0.99beta18.
(edit) @4678   11 years Sam Hocevar Remove spurious tabs from source.
(edit) @4677   11 years Sam Hocevar Move mygetopt() directly into libcaca, for use by other programs.