You can browse old releases of all the libcaca software.

Libcaca development versions

The latest libcaca beta version is libcaca-0.99.beta13b.tar.gz (November 28th, 2007). Please download and test it. If you are a developer, please comment on the current API and let us know what is missing.

Even more recent code can be downloaded using Subversion. See the development page for more information.


You can download a PDF version of the libcaca manual.

Old libcaca stable versions

Warning: stable releases of libcaca are terribly outdated. If you want to test libcaca, you are encouraged to check the development versions.

Latest stable libcaca release is libcaca-0.9.tar.gz (216KB) / libcaca-0.9.tar.bz2 (172KB).

A Windows zip archive containing the libcaca demos can be downloaded here: (100KB).

Older versions (up to 0.9) were under the LGPL license but all copyright holders agreed to relicence the codebase under the WTFPL (such a permission is not retroactive and you should consider old versions as still covered by the LGPL). The logo on this page is copyrighted by Akira Toriyama so if anyone fancies drawing a new logo it would be much appreciated.