Development is very open and we welcome bug reports, suggestions and patches. Do not hesitate to have a look at the TODO list or let us know about your own projects.

Despite libcaca’s limited audience, we target high code quality. Patches will be mercilessly butchered until they comply with our coding style guidelines.


Discussions are happening on the Freenode network’s #libcaca channel. The developers can be reached there most of the time.


libcaca development is managed using Subversion. Currently available repositories are:

For instance, to retrieve the main trunk, use this command:

svn co svn:// libcaca-trunk

The repositories can be browsed using the web interface.


There are two mailing-list for the project. The first one is and is a single mailing-list for general discussion, bug reporting, development coordination and side projects. You are encouraged to subscribe in order to post. The second list is and only hosts the SVN commit messages.

The libcaca mailing-lists is managed by Ecartis. To subscribe, send an email to containing the words “subscribe libcaca”. To unsubscribe, use “unsubscribe libcaca”. Same goes for the libcaca-svn list.

The mailing-list archives are available on the web: