pic2oric converts images to the Oric Atmos colours. The Oric Atmos screen format is one of the most twisted standards and very little artwork exists for this vintage computer. It was therefore the perfect challenge for the Caca Labs image processing team.


The pic2oric source code may be downloaded from pic2oric.c. It currently only runs on Linux and is extremely slow (around 1 minute to process an image on a modern computer).


These images show how pic2oric performs. The results may not seem terribly clean, but they are probably better than anything that has been seen so far on an Oric Atmos computer.

These first 4 images show the results on the same images than the ones on Dbug’s PictConv website, to illustrate the improvements over the traditional RGB separation technique.

The following images show pic2oric’s results with grayscale images and cartoon images.

And finally, this is an animation whose frames were converted to Oric colours using pic2oric: