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    23 <h2> Pictures of CacaCon’07 </h2>
    25 <p> <b>CacaCon’07</b>, the first international libcaca conference, took
    26 place on 19-20 October 2007 in Lyon, France. </p>
     25<h2> Report on the First International libcaca Conference </h2>
    28 <!-- put the press release here -->
     27<p> Wednesday October 24, 2007 </p>
     29<p> Sam (ZOY) - Paris, France: <b>CacaCon’07</b>, the first international
     30libcaca conference, just took place on October 19-20, 2007 in Lyon, France.
     33<p> The most eagerly-awaited event of the conference was of course Jylam’s
     34keynote. The acclaimed libcaca second-in-chief developer covered the
     35history of the project, gave key figures about its current status, and
     36of course hinted at future plans. </p>
     38<p> The morning of the second day had been busy with uncalled for attacks
     39directed at the libcaca team by Mozilla Europe Board of Directors
     40president Tristan Nitot who reportedly managed to say that "all
     41applications have memory leaks" without immediately dying of maniac,
     42self-ridiculing laughter. Needless to say, Jylam’s keynote was
     43immediately refocused on insisting about libcaca’s superior development
     44model and giving examples of its speed, lightweightness and general lack
     45of memory leaks. </p>
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    50 <p> CacaCon’07 also featured a social event at luxury resort <i>Le
    51 Chevreuse</i> (Lyon) where hundreds of potential <i>libcaca</i> users and
    52 enthusiasts were able to meet the main developers and attempt to gather
    53 information about future plans for the acclaimed library. </p>
     67<p> The libcaca team eventually announced its new forthcoming product
     68"neercs", a replacement for the obsolete Unix utility "screen" with
     69full Unicode support, window thumbnailing, eye-candy transition effects
     70and textmode window management. The audience also sat in awe as Jylam,
     71literally knee-shaking in excitement, admitted that the very tool he had
     72been using during the keynote was not a Microsoft product or a cheap
     73clone thereof, but a development version of the libcaca team’s own
     74fully-featured presentation tool, PowerPipo. </p>
     76<p> <b>CacaCon’07</b> ended with a social event at luxury resort Le Chevreul
     77(Lyon) where hundreds of potential libcaca users and enthusiasts would
     78have been able to meet main developers Sam and Jylam. </p>
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     95<p> <b>About libcaca:</b> <br />
     96libcaca is the industry leading colour ASCII art library. It is part
     97of a global conspiracy aiming at luring basement-dwelling nerds
     98into thinking that focusing on overtechnical, useless and generally
     99uninteresting activities is going to help them get laid. Approximately
     100700,000 Linux users still believe it to be true and frantically
     101recompile nightly git snapshots of the kernel as a consequence. </p>
     103<p> <b>About Firefox:</b> <br />
     104Firefox is the Mozilla Corporation’s rebranded version of the famous
     105Iceweasel web browser, to which they insist on adding a restrictive
     106trademark license and a suggestive yiff logo. Notwithstanding, we urge
     107you to donate all your money to the multimillion-dollar company. The
     108guys look legit. </p>
     110<p> <b>About memory leaks:</b> <br />
     111All applications called Firefox have memory leaks. </p>
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    5252<h2> News </h2>
     54<p> <b>24 Oct 2007</b>: <a href="/cacacon07/">CacaCon’07</a> </p>
    5455<p> <b>30 Sep 2007</b>: libcaca 0.99.beta12 </p>
    5556<p> <b>16 Nov 2006</b>: libcaca 0.99.beta11 </p>
    5758<p> <b>12 Nov 2006</b>: libcaca 0.99.beta10 </p>
    5859<p> <b>6 Nov 2006</b>: libcaca 0.99.beta9 </p>
     60<!-- old news
    5961<p> <b>22 Oct 2006</b>: libcaca 0.99.beta8 </p>
    60 <!-- old news
    6162<p> <b>4 Oct 2006</b>: libcaca 0.99.beta7 </p>
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