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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
cacamoo 2979   13 years Sam Hocevar Port cacamoo to the unified libcaca 0.99.beta15 API.
cacatris 2981   13 years Sam Hocevar Port cacatris to the unified libcaca 0.99.beta15 API.
libcaca 2967   13 years Sam Hocevar Bump soname versioning.
libpipi 2968   13 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Added -lm to to fix a link issue on some plateforms
neercs 2906   13 years Pascal Terjan * Cleanup my term after a grab
powerpipo 1821   14 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Added autotools directory so bootstrap works out of the box
pwntcha 2318   13 years Sam Hocevar * Step 2 of the code reorganisation: move each font to its …
research 2763   13 years Sam Hocevar * spelling
toilet 2537   13 years Sam Hocevar * fix libcucul-dev dependency value.
ttyvaders 1460   15 years Sam Hocevar * Bwarf, typo in the no warranty clause.
web 2980   13 years carmie mainav color
zzuf 2818   13 years Sam Hocevar * zzuf.c: use atol() instead of atoi() for the --seed flag.
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