source: neercs/trunk/src/ @ 2500

Last change on this file since 2500 was 2495, checked in by Jean-Yves Lamoureux, 15 years ago
  • Removed general local variables from main() and put it in struct screen_list
  • Moved most of the input handling to input.c
  • Moved lock feature to lock.c
File size: 283 bytes
2bin_PROGRAMS = neercs
[2455]4neercs_SOURCES = neercs.h mygetopt.c recurrent.c main.c screens.c term.c \
[2495]5                 grab.c effects.c wm.c screensaver.c attach.c configuration.c \
6                                                                 input.c lock.c
[1445]7neercs_CFLAGS = @CACA_CFLAGS@
[2457]8neercs_LDADD = @CACA_LIBS@ @UTIL_LIBS@ @PAM_LIBS@
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