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[189]2Building libcaca
[4392]4   o  If you are using a Git or SVN checkout, you need to run the
5      bootstrap script in order to generate configure. This is not
6      necessary for official tarballs.
[159]8   o  Run configure then make. Useful configure flags are:
[300]10     --enable-ncurses: support for the ncurses library
11     --enable-slang: support for the SLang library
12     --enable-conio: support for MS-DOS conio.h
13     --enable-x11: support for native X11 rendering
[566]14     --enable-gl: support for OpenGL rendering
15     --enable-win32: support for the Windows console
[1050]16     --enable-network: support for the network server
[300]18     --disable-imlib2: remove Imlib2 support in cacaview
[806]20     --disable-doc: do not build documentation
[331]22   o  Cross-compilation examples:
[300]24     ./configure --disable-imlib2 --host=i386-pc-msdosdjgpp
[331]26     ./configure --disable-imlib2 --host=i586-mingw32msvc
[202]29Using libcaca
[806]31   o  Look into the src/ and test/ directories for source code examples.
[202]33   o  Compiling a libcaca program is fairly simple:
[806]35      gcc -c foobar.c -o foobar.o `pkg-config --cflags caca`
36      gcc foobar.o -o foobar `pkg-config --libs caca`
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