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A gaycko/tests
A gaycko/tests/lnx.html
A gaycko/tests/html.html
A gaycko/tests/simple.html
A gaycko/
A gaycko/src
A gaycko/src/dom
A gaycko/src/dom/dom.c
A gaycko/src/dom/dom.h
A gaycko/src/helpers
A gaycko/src/helpers/str.c
A gaycko/src/helpers/str.h
A gaycko/src/gaycko.h
A gaycko/src/parsing
A gaycko/src/parsing/parse.h
A gaycko/src/parsing/parse.c
A gaycko/src/io
A gaycko/src/io/file.c
A gaycko/src/io/http.c
A gaycko/src/io/file.h
A gaycko/src/io/http.h
A gaycko/src/io/io.c
A gaycko/src/io/io.h
A gaycko/src/
A gaycko/src/gaycko.c
A gaycko/
AM gaycko/bootstrap

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1AM_CPPFLAGS = -I$(top_srcdir)
3bin_PROGRAMS = Gaycko
5Gaycko_SOURCES = gaycko.c gaycko.h io/file.c io/file.h io/http.c io/http.h io/io.c io/io.h parsing/parse.c parsing/parse.h dom/dom.c dom/dom.h helpers/str.c helpers/str.h
9echo-sources: ; echo $(SOURCES)
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