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(edit) @4889   2 years sam Move zzuf to GitHub?:
(edit) @4888   3 years sam win32: update to newer mingw compiler version.
(edit) @4887   3 years sam build: remove the libcaca dependency and embed code instead.
(edit) @4886   3 years sam build: refresh build system.
(edit) @4885   3 years sam build: fix a few compilation warnings.
(edit) @4884   3 years sam core: add a lightweight spinlock to protect the list of file descriptors.
(edit) @4883   3 years sam sys: fix coding style.
(edit) @4841   5 years wisk fix crash on windows 32-bit and compute_patch_size
(edit) @4839   5 years sam win32: add some console handling function diversions.
(edit) @4838   5 years sam win32: add more explicit error messages and add support for 0xb8 opcode.
(edit) @4837   5 years wisk add relocate_hook to improve api hooking, fix dll name string …
(edit) @4836   5 years sam build: fix compilation by including <wchar.h> and checking for regwexec.
(edit) @4835   5 years sam cosmetic: get rid of CRLF line endings.
(edit) @4834   5 years wisk add new hook for windows (CreateFileMapping?(A|W), MapViewOfFile?, …
(edit) @4833   5 years wisk port zzuf to win64 (amd64)
(edit) @4832   5 years wisk add regex feature for win32
(edit) @4831   5 years wisk change the method of hooking, now we disassemble the beginning of the …
(edit) @4830   5 years wisk start to implement hotpatch hook on win32 port, but some API don't …
(edit) @4829   5 years wisk win32 port starts to fuzz executable (only few functions related to …
(edit) @4828   5 years wisk fix tmp file creation on win32, start to implement handling of win32 …
(edit) @4827   5 years wisk on win32, use a named pipe and IOCP to read stdout, stderr and debugfd …
(edit) @4826   5 years wisk
(edit) @4813   5 years sam win32: add debug information to the function diversion code.
(edit) @4810   5 years sam linux: fix a few compilation warnings.
(edit) @4809   5 years sam Fix a weird problem with lib6 versioned symbols.
(edit) @4808   5 years sam osx: do not enforce flat namespace in copy mode on OS X.
(edit) @4729   6 years sam Win64 support in the VS solution.
(edit) @4685   7 years sam Fix wrong pointer types in the network range structures.
(edit) @4684   7 years sam Fix line endings.
(edit) @4683   7 years sam Get rid of the getopt reimplementation and depend on libcaca instead.
(edit) @4676   7 years sam Implement ReOpenFile? and fix a few Win32 compilation warnings.
(edit) @4675   7 years sam Fix Win32 intermediate build directories.
(edit) @4674   7 years sam Fix missing ZZUF_DEBUGFD passing and debug function availability.
(edit) @4673   7 years sam Fix a bug in the %i formatting and implement %S.
(edit) @4672   7 years sam Get the debug channel to work on Win32.
(edit) @4671   7 years sam Treat %x arguments as unsigned in the printf reimplementation.
(edit) @4670   7 years sam Fix the printf reimplementation to properly handle INT_MIN.
(edit) @4669   7 years sam Disable select() on Win32. It is not supported on non-sockets.
(edit) @4668   7 years sam Remove useless PARENT_FD/CHILD_FD hack.
(edit) @4667   7 years sam Make it easier to dynamically allocate the debug filedescriptor later.
(edit) @4666   7 years sam Filedescriptor 0 is the debug channel, not stdin! Fix that.
(edit) @4665   7 years sam Proper child command line construction on Win32. There is no need to …
(edit) @4664   7 years sam Inherit stdin/stdout/stderr in the child process under Win32.
(edit) @4663   7 years sam Remove useless code for Win32 diversions.
(edit) @4662   7 years sam Mark diverted Win32 functions as stdcall, it's the correct calling …
(edit) @4661   7 years sam Divert ReadFile?() and CloseHandle?().
(edit) @4660   7 years sam Drop Visual Studio 2008 support and require the 2010 version. The 2010 …
(edit) @4659   7 years sam Fix compilation warnings on Win32.
(edit) @4658   7 years sam Divert CreateFileW in addition to CreateFileA.
(edit) @4657   7 years sam Fix the Linux build to accomodate with the new Win32 features.
(edit) @4656   7 years sam CreateFile?() diversion proof of concept.
(edit) @4655   7 years sam Add a mechanism for Win32 diversions.
(edit) @4654   7 years sam Fix a bug caused by undefined function call precedence.
(edit) @4653   7 years sam Fix zzat compilation on Win32 and create a .vcxproj file for it.
(edit) @4652   7 years sam Minor Win32 code simplification in sys.c.
(edit) @4651   7 years sam Divert AttachConsole?() and AllocConsole?() for debugging purposes.
(edit) @4650   7 years sam Full support for ASLR in the Win32 loader.
(edit) @4649   7 years sam Refactor the DLL initialisation code to allow several diversions.
(edit) @4648   7 years sam Improve the DLL injection code. Now seems to work rather well under …
(edit) @4647   7 years sam Do not build ASLR binaries on Windows for now.
(edit) @4646   7 years sam Fix Win32 build.
(edit) @4645   7 years sam Add a few comments in the code for new Win32 strategies.
(edit) @4394   7 years sam Make check-zzuf-r-ratio slightly more tolerant.
(edit) @4393   7 years sam New operating mode "copy". It uses temporary files instead of …
(edit) @4388   7 years sam Grammar.
(edit) @4378   7 years sam Add a regression test for our Gentoo fread_chk() bug.
(edit) @4377   7 years sam Fix old typos in check-utils.
(edit) @4376   7 years sam Add fortify versions of libc calls to zzat.
(edit) @4375   7 years sam Fortify functions actually have extra arguments. Fix that.
(edit) @4374   7 years sam Update TODO list.
(edit) @4373   7 years sam Revert any potential overriding macro before declaring a new function.
(edit) @4372   7 years sam Add support for fortified glibc functions (fgets_chk, read_chk, etc.).
(edit) @4364   7 years sam Rename zzcat to zzat to avoid conflicts with zziplib.
(edit) @4358   7 years sam Clean up ChangeLog? generation.
(edit) @4357   7 years sam Split check-build into check-source and check-win32.
(edit) @4319   7 years sam Add an OS X build script that generates fat binaries.
(edit) @4315   7 years sam Add missing svn:ignore properties.
(edit) @4314   7 years sam On OS X, resident_size is actually in bytes, not pages. Fixing memory …
(edit) @4311   7 years sam Preparing zzuf-0.13 release.
(edit) @4310   7 years sam Minor testsuite behaviour updates.
(edit) @4309   7 years sam Simplify ChangeLog? output.
(edit) @4308   7 years sam Properly document the -a flag.
(edit) @4291   7 years sam Fix a regression in myfork.c causing build failures when libtool does …
(edit) @4290   7 years sam Use LD_PRELOAD_32 on OpenSolaris? i386.
(edit) @4289   7 years sam Add a debug mode to zzcat.
(edit) @4288   7 years sam Fix a buffer overflow in zzcat.
(edit) @4287   7 years sam Fix testsuite behaviour on OpenSolaris? /bin/sh.
(edit) @4286   7 years sam Fix compilation warnings and errors on OpenSolaris? caused by a few of …
(edit) @4285   7 years sam Improve the OpenSolaris? port: support for FILE structures, and a few …
(edit) @4284   7 years sam Don't try to use waitpid() information on Win32.
(edit) @4283   7 years sam Drop atoll() usage. It's not portable.
(edit) @4282   7 years sam Fix memory limitation method on OS X (page size was ignored) and other …
(edit) @4281   7 years sam Fix a bug in the -s test script that failed to detect failures.
(edit) @4280   7 years sam Prepare for zzuf 0.13. Soon.
(edit) @4279   7 years sam Add a check-zzuf-s-seed that tests whether all bits in a sequence have …
(edit) @4278   7 years sam Add a -r flag to zzcat to repeatedly cat file lists.
(edit) @4277   7 years sam In verbose mode, tell when a process exits.
(edit) @4274   7 years sam Improve zzcat's manual page. Fixes #75.
(edit) @4273   7 years sam Fix zzcat's -s flag. It must propagate to the next file.
(edit) @4272   7 years sam Rename check-flag-# tests to check-zzuf-#-#### with the option's long …
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