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(edit) @3461   12 years Pascal Terjan * Fix a in_bell unbalanced increment when activating visual bell …
(edit) @3453   12 years Pascal Terjan * First incomplete reduction of useless blits
(edit) @3442   12 years Pascal Terjan * Don't refresh when only hidden term changed and we have no thumbnails
(edit) @3435   12 years Pascal Terjan * Enforce somme default colors (else negative can't be achieved when …
(edit) @3434   12 years Pascal Terjan * Redraw once when getting in visual bell and once after, only
(edit) @2995   12 years Sam Hocevar Port neercs to the unified libcaca 0.99.beta15 API.
(edit) @2615   12 years Sam Hocevar * term.c: use size_t instead of unsigned int to avoid warnings.
(edit) @2582   12 years bsittler improved terminal emulation (partial ISO-2022 support)
(edit) @2507   13 years Sam Hocevar * Cosmetic: nicer debug output.
(edit) @2505   13 years Sam Hocevar * Start refactoring grab.c: instead of writing code to the stack, we …
(edit) @2479   13 years Pascal Terjan * Move conditionnal include of pty.h from main.c to term.c
(edit) @2455   13 years Sam Hocevar * Do not build grab.c conditionally; instead, make grab_process() and …
(edit) @2453   13 years Pascal Terjan * Oops revert parts of 2451 which should not have been commited
(edit) @2451   13 years Pascal Terjan * Remove termios stuff, does not do anything currently
(edit) @2445   13 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Added delayed (recurrent) functions, as well as a window-killing eyecandy
(edit) @2444   13 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Changed command line parsing to sam's mygetopt.c
(edit) @2431   13 years Pascal Terjan * Don't break build on platforms where grab is not supported
(edit) @2429   13 years Pascal Terjan * Remove one of the reads of /proc
(edit) @2426   13 years Pascal Terjan * First attempt to grab a process when started with -P <pid>
(edit) @2421   13 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Put pty and prevpty in screen_list structure
(edit) @2402   13 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * main.c now contains only main()
(edit) @2396   13 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Fixed Erase In Page (clear) width
(edit) @2395   13 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Totally unfinished scroll support (as vim uses it)
(edit) @2382   13 years Pascal Terjan * Handle the title set in each screen
(edit) @2368   13 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Added bell handling
(edit) @1834   13 years Sam Hocevar * Display miniatures from all other windows at the bottom of the screen.
(edit) @1459   14 years Sam Hocevar * Bwarf, typo in the no warranty clause.
(edit) @1455   14 years Sam Hocevar * Add a no warranty clause to the code.
(add) @1437   14 years Sam Hocevar * Imported libcaca's test/term.c into our tree.
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