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(edit) @4881   3 years sam build: a few Win32 build fixes.
(edit) @4880   3 years sam build: update build system.
(edit) @4879   3 years sam autocontrast: fix alpha handling.
(edit) @4765   6 years sam Allow to choose between RGB and YUV in pipi_open_sequence().
(edit) @4737   6 years sam Reactivate pipi_dither_24to16, it's wrong but useful.
(edit) @4736   6 years sam Only use first stream in the storyboard code.
(edit) @4704   7 years sam YUV support in dumpmovie and makemovie.
(edit) @4703   7 years sam Ensure dumpmovie outputs YUVA pictures.
(edit) @4700   7 years sam Import x264 presets into sequence.c. Doesn't work properly yet.
(edit) @4699   7 years sam Clamp Y to 16 - 235, as the MPEG standard uses.
(edit) @4698   7 years sam Add a simple dumpmovie program to extract YUV images from a movie.
(edit) @4697   7 years sam Add functions to convert from RGB to YUV and back.
(edit) @4696   7 years sam Implement bicubic resampling. Lacks some blurring in the pre-pass, maybe.
(edit) @4695   7 years sam Minor compilation warning fix.
(edit) @4694   7 years sam Make the movie generation methods and program more versatile.
(edit) @4693   7 years sam Update opencv codec to more recent cvSaveImage prototype.
(edit) @4692   7 years sam Look for highgui.h in addition to the opencv package.
(edit) @4691   7 years sam Avoid floating-point divisions in the Bresenham resize.
(edit) @4690   7 years sam Move resize.c to an algorithm-specific file so that we can implement …
(edit) @4397   7 years sam On Win32, define 32-bit C99 types as ints instead of longs, because a …
(edit) @4081   8 years jylam * Fixed Mac OSX compilation and Xcode project file
(edit) @3645   8 years sam Add missing exec_prefix entry in
(edit) @3644   8 years sam Update bootstrap script (automake 1.11 and pkg-config detection).
(edit) @3642   8 years sam Fix a 32-bit compilation issue in img2twit.
(edit) @3630   8 years sam Mark pipi_open_sequence's first argument as const.
(edit) @3629   8 years sam Update the Linux build, following the makemovie code merge.
(edit) @3628   8 years sam makemovie no longer depends on FFmpeg libraries.
(edit) @3627   8 years sam Move the whole makemovie logic to libpipi. It's really hackish for …
(edit) @3626   8 years sam Add USE_FFMPEG to the list of configure macros.
(edit) @3622   8 years sam Do not bail out if only GDI+ is found.
(edit) @3611   8 years sam Allow makemovie to build on Win32 using our ffmpeg binaries.
(edit) @3610   8 years sam Add Win32 ffmpeg binaries for easier builds.
(edit) @3597   8 years sam Do not touch the alpha layer in pipi_contrast().
(edit) @3591   8 years sam Fix the FFmpeg libraries detection.
(edit) @3589   8 years sam Fix build without CGAL.
(edit) @3564   8 years sam That optimisation sucked. Reverted median filter to something that …
(edit) @3563   8 years sam Improve the median filter performance.
(edit) @3562   8 years sam Update the Win32 solution for Visual Studio 2008.
(edit) @3561   8 years sam Add a .desktop file for The Pimp.
(edit) @3560   8 years sam Add missing blit.c to repository.
(edit) @3548   8 years sam Don't force MJPEG in makemovie. Other codecs work just fine.
(edit) @3547   8 years sam Implement pipi_blit().
(edit) @3546   8 years sam Implement pipi_rotate(). Currently nearest-neighbour only, supersample …
(edit) @3545   8 years sam Fix the pipi_merge() semantics so that it matches Gimp’s, and don’t …
(edit) @3544   8 years sam Do not touch alpha values when modifying brightness or contrast.
(edit) @3543   8 years sam Look for uninstalled ffmpeg binaries before the system-wide ones.
(edit) @3540   8 years sam img2twit: reinstate old interpolation tuning for final picture quality.
(edit) @3539   8 years sam img2twit: remove contrast enhancement.
(edit) @3538   8 years sam Make img2twit's points-per-cell value changeable at runtime.
(edit) @3537   8 years sam img2twit: prevent two points from having the same coordinates, since …
(edit) @3536   8 years sam Optimise img2twit's cell packing even more, gaining around 60 bits.
(edit) @3535   8 years sam Beginning of the optim…
(edit) @3534   8 years sam Add -Wextra to the list of compilation warnings. We're no longer …
(edit) @3533   8 years sam img2twit: change the position of the S component to help decompose …
(edit) @3532   8 years sam Another img2twit space optimisation: if we have remaining bits at the …
(edit) @3531   8 years sam img2twit: store w+1,h+1 instead of w,h since neither width nor height …
(edit) @3530   8 years sam Minor cleanup in img2twit.
(edit) @3529   8 years sam Fix img2twit's rendering. Apparently CGAL's Delaunay triangulation …
(edit) @3528   8 years sam Increase img2twit's output contrast when rendering the final image.
(edit) @3527   8 years sam Autodetect message size in img2twit.
(edit) @3526   8 years sam Add multiple charsets support to img2twit, and autodetect charset when …
(edit) @3525   8 years sam Allow for non-integer quality values in img2twit.
(edit) @3524   8 years sam Fix a bug in img2twit's cell allocation.
(edit) @3523   8 years sam Make img2twit message length configurable at runtime, improve the …
(edit) @3522   8 years sam Make img2twit more configurable: iterations per second and debug mode …
(edit) @3521   8 years sam Add proper Unicode handling to img2twit. This includes an UTF-8 …
(edit) @3520   8 years sam Tremendously improve img2twit.cpp: only compute the new error around …
(edit) @3519   8 years sam Add C++ warnings to the build process.
(edit) @3518   8 years sam First attempt at a super-compressor for the purpose of sending images …
(edit) @3517   8 years sam pipi_measure_msd(): fix this function so that it works with colour …
(edit) @3516   8 years sam Fix the FFmpeg headers location in example programs.
(edit) @3515   8 years sam Look for the awesome CGAL library at configure stage.
(edit) @3422   8 years sam Update ignore properties.
(edit) @3421   8 years sam Synchronise Visual Studio projects with the current code.
(edit) @3420   8 years sam Add missing M_PI definition in wave.c for Win32 compilation.
(edit) @3419   8 years sam Make sure that the gdiplus codec initialises GdiPlus? before any …
(edit) @3418   8 years sam wave.c: implement pipi_wave() in addition to pipi_sine(). The effect …
(edit) @3417   8 years sam context.c: factor some code to gain 180 lines of code.
(edit) @3416   8 years sam wave.c: rename pipi_wave() into pipi_sine().
(edit) @3415   8 years sam resize.c: add pipi_crop() and the --crop flag.
(edit) @3414   8 years sam jpeg.c: fix a huge resource leak in the error codepath of the JPEG codec.
(edit) @3413   8 years sam makemovie: new example program; this utility reads a list of images …
(edit) @3411   8 years sam mean.c: rename this file into merge.c and implement pipi_merge() for …
(edit) @3410   8 years sam wave.c: change the wave arguments. The format is now eg. …
(edit) @3409   8 years sam histogram.c: fix a shadowing declaration.
(edit) @3403   8 years sam wave.c: better behaviour around image edges.
(edit) @3402   8 years sam Fix a very old crash in the box blur filter that occurred when the …
(edit) @3401   8 years sam Fix a crash in the JPEG loader when meeting with ENOENT.
(edit) @3400   8 years sam storyboard.c: fix compilation with optimisations disabled.
(edit) @3399   8 years sam Properly handle alpha components in the convolution code.
(edit) @3398   8 years sam Properly handle alpha components in the resize code.
(edit) @3397   8 years sam Add a wave filter for crappy sine effects.
(edit) @3352   8 years sam storyboard.c: add decorations around thumbnails
(edit) @3351   8 years sam storyboard.c: - generate smaller thumbnail mosaics - process more …
(edit) @3350   8 years sam imlib.c: fix support for alpha channel when saving using Imlib2.
(edit) @3349   8 years sam storyboard.c: more output filename tuning…
(edit) @3348   8 years sam storyboard.c: fix output path.
(edit) @3347   8 years sam storyboard.c: tuned the output file name. examples/.gitignore: ignore …
(edit) @3346   8 years sam Conditionally build the movie thumbnailer by detecting libavcodec et al.
(edit) @3345   8 years sam Added a movie thumbnailer (storyboard generator) using libavcodec.
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