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(edit) @1901   13 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Renamed img2irc to a more generic img2txt
(edit) @1900   13 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Added getopt / mygetopt support to img2irc, and added options to …
(edit) @1766   14 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Added rotozoom (and its 1MB header file)
(edit) @1399   14 years Sam Hocevar * Don't rely on pkg-config macros for variable substitution. Just in case.
(edit) @1300   14 years Sam Hocevar * Do not link cacaserver with libcaca, it only uses libcucul.
(edit) @1212   14 years Sam Hocevar * Do not link binaries with @CACA_LIBS@, it's useless.
(edit) @1198   14 years Sam Hocevar * Use pkg-config to check for Imlib2. Patch adapted from Alt Linux.
(edit) @1048   14 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Updated kernel 'driver', still not working, but most of the work is done
(edit) @1023   14 years Sam Hocevar * Merge cacamoir, cacaball and cacaplas into cacademo. No code cleanup yet.
(edit) @976   15 years Sam Hocevar * Removed --enable-network flag, but reused the test as a condition …
(edit) @903   15 years Sam Hocevar * Added cacadraw. It only shows files and lets you scroll for now, but …
(edit) @866   15 years Sam Hocevar * Brought the Win32 build back on its wheels.
(edit) @741   15 years Sam Hocevar * cacaview works again. Somewhat. Image loading is now handled by the …
(edit) @739   15 years Sam Hocevar * Added img2irc program. I know it does not have "cucul" or "caca" in …
(edit) @709   15 years Sam Hocevar * Disabled cacaview for now. I'm going to utterly break it.
(edit) @705   15 years Sam Hocevar * Oops, I barfed that makefile.
(edit) @703   15 years Sam Hocevar * Removed the network driver and replaced it with a cacaserver …
(edit) @702   15 years Sam Hocevar * Implemented a proof-of-concept cacaplay program that can redisplay a …
(edit) @692   15 years Sam Hocevar * Workaround for automake < 1.6.
(copy) @537   15 years Sam Hocevar * Moved stuff again.
copied from libcaca/trunk/examples/
(edit) @536   15 years Sam Hocevar * Moved stuff around to differenciate between libcucul and libcaca.
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