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(edit) @4159   11 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Added 64bits RDTSC support, as well as CPU frequency guess (more …
(edit) @4158   11 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Fix indentation and add licensing and copyright headers to kernel
(edit) @4154   11 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Total kernel rewrite
(edit) @4148   11 years Sam Hocevar Update my e-mail address everywhere.
(edit) @3625   11 years Sam Hocevar Implement memmove() in the kernel.
(edit) @3620   11 years Sam Hocevar Add atexit() and EOF to the kernel.
(edit) @2821   12 years Sam Hocevar Starting refactoring to get rid of libcucul. The initial reason for …
(edit) @2144   13 years Sam Hocevar * Disable file operations in kernel mode. * Implement strchr() in …
(edit) @1462   14 years Sam Hocevar * Bwarf, typo in the no warranty clause.
(edit) @1452   14 years Sam Hocevar * Add a no warranty clause to the code.
(edit) @1415   14 years Sam Hocevar * Implemented strcmp() and strdup() and added an fflush() stub to the …
(edit) @1065   14 years Sam Hocevar * Added an fprintf stub to the kernel.
(edit) @1053   14 years Sam Hocevar * Fixed memcmp() prototype and implementation.
(edit) @1052   14 years Sam Hocevar * Added errno support to the kernel.
(edit) @1048   14 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Updated kernel 'driver', still not working, but most of the work is done
(edit) @769   14 years Sam Hocevar * Removed \file directives from all files except caca.h and cucul.h, …
(edit) @672   15 years Sam Hocevar * Slightly changed header comments.
(edit) @578   15 years Sam Hocevar * Implemented a few math functions in our kernel: cos(), sin(), sqrt().
(edit) @573   15 years Sam Hocevar * Added assembly code for inb() and outb(). * Print a small message …
(add) @568   15 years Sam Hocevar * Added glue code to compile libcaca without a libc and build …
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