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(edit) @2304   12 years Sam Hocevar * Get rid of the last long types in the API. * Use size_t and …
(edit) @2303   12 years Sam Hocevar * Changed most of the long ints in the API into C99 types. WARNING: …
(edit) @2074   12 years Sam Hocevar * Add cucul_get_version() and caca_get_version() and updated C++ …
(edit) @2071   12 years Sam Hocevar * Tell doxygen to expand class and extern before parsing anything, …
(edit) @2070   12 years Sam Hocevar * Added MSVC project files for the C++ bindings and the C++ test.
(edit) @1959   12 years Sam Hocevar * Make Charset class methods explicitly public.
(edit) @1875   12 years Sam Hocevar * Removed calls to now deprecated cucul_set_dither_invert().
(edit) @1462   13 years Sam Hocevar * Bwarf, typo in the no warranty clause.
(edit) @1452   13 years Sam Hocevar * Add a no warranty clause to the code.
(edit) @1388   13 years Sam Hocevar * Updated C++ bindings so that they build, at least.
(edit) @1278   13 years Sam Hocevar * Oops, fixed getChar's prototype.
(edit) @1277   13 years Sam Hocevar * Implemented putChar() and updated getChar()'s prototype.
(edit) @1269   13 years Sam Hocevar * Got rid of cucul_ansi_to_str(), it's really useless. * Partial …
(edit) @1203   13 years Sam Hocevar * Fix extra qualification bug in cucul++.h, courtesy of Hanno Böck.
(edit) @1156   13 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Updated C++ bindings to support every single cucul/caca …
(edit) @917   14 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Fixed indentation. I did it myself, I'm a big boy.
(copy) @899   14 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Updated C++ bindings and renamed directory to more comprehensive cxx
copied from libcaca/trunk/cpp/cucul++.h:
(edit) @897   14 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Updated libcaca c++ bindings
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