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(edit) @1416   15 years Sam Hocevar * Fix a compilation warning by pretending to use seterrno()'s argument …
(edit) @1362   15 years Sam Hocevar * Got rid of HAVE_ERRNO_H ifdefs by defining seterrno()/geterrno() …
(edit) @1360   15 years Sam Hocevar * Add a debug() function and a --enable-debug configure flag.
(edit) @1304   15 years Sam Hocevar * Don't try to include arpa/inet.h in kernel mode.
(edit) @1303   15 years Sam Hocevar * Don't use htonl() directly, use common.h's hton32() wrapper.
(edit) @1048   15 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Updated kernel 'driver', still not working, but most of the work is done
(edit) @865   16 years Sam Hocevar * Renamed htons/htonl to hton16/hton32 to avoid useless conflicts.
(edit) @863   16 years Sam Hocevar * Win32 compilation fix.
(edit) @861   16 years Sam Hocevar * Look for htons/htonl in netinet/in.h in addition to arpa/inet.h * …
(edit) @859   16 years Sam Hocevar * Removed duplicate uint*_t defines from *_internal.h and included …
(add) @858   16 years Sam Hocevar * Added "common.h", a placeholder for simple features and functions …
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