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(edit) @4333   12 years Sam Hocevar Large source code cleanup, getting rid of spaces, tabs, and svn keywords.
(edit) @4317   12 years Sam Hocevar Move some configuration stuff from build-kernel into
(edit) @4219   12 years Sam Hocevar Clean up files generated by build-kernel in make clean.
(edit) @4160   12 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Fix libcaca.a linkage (was off by one argument), fill memory with …
(edit) @4159   12 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Added 64bits RDTSC support, as well as CPU frequency guess (more …
(edit) @4155   12 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Forgot kernel build script
(edit) @4148   12 years Sam Hocevar Update my e-mail address everywhere.
(edit) @2821   14 years Sam Hocevar Starting refactoring to get rid of libcucul. The initial reason for …
(edit) @2299   14 years Sam Hocevar * Remove #include <stdint.h> etc. from "common.h". Instead, make sure …
(edit) @2054   15 years Sam Hocevar * Add Linux 2.6's bootsect.S to fix the sample kernel build.
(edit) @1757   15 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Added squared transition to cacademo
(edit) @1055   16 years Sam Hocevar * Fix the kernel build rules.
(edit) @576   16 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Oops, modified build-kernel while testing and commited it ;)
(edit) @575   16 years Jean-Yves Lamoureux * Multiplexed sockets, it is now possible to have multiple clients at …
(edit) @573   16 years Sam Hocevar * Added assembly code for inb() and outb(). * Print a small message …
(edit) @569   16 years Sam Hocevar * Set executable flag to the build-kernel script.
(add) @568   16 years Sam Hocevar * Added glue code to compile libcaca without a libc and build …
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