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(edit) @4891   2 years sam Move libcaca to GitHub?:
(edit) @4890   2 years sam Move toilet to GitHub?:
(edit) @4889   2 years sam Move zzuf to GitHub?:
(edit) @4888   3 years sam win32: update to newer mingw compiler version.
(edit) @4887   3 years sam build: remove the libcaca dependency and embed code instead.
(edit) @4886   3 years sam build: refresh build system.
(edit) @4885   3 years sam build: fix a few compilation warnings.
(edit) @4884   3 years sam core: add a lightweight spinlock to protect the list of file descriptors.
(edit) @4883   3 years sam sys: fix coding style.
(edit) @4882   3 years sam build: update bootstrap script and
(edit) @4881   3 years sam build: a few Win32 build fixes.
(edit) @4880   3 years sam build: update build system.
(edit) @4879   3 years sam autocontrast: fix alpha handling.
(edit) @4878   3 years sam doc: update for doxygen 1.8.7.
(edit) @4877   3 years sam doc: update the Doxygen configuration file.
(edit) @4876   3 years sam misc: some source code cleanup.
(edit) @4875   4 years sam Add a Bold Fraktur font.
(edit) @4874   4 years sam Prepare Changelog for version 0.3.
(edit) @4873   4 years sam fix: use the upcoming libcaca's canvas width and smushing mode features.
(edit) @4872   4 years pterjan Fill in the correct array (coverity)
(edit) @4871   4 years pterjan Test limits before accessing the array (coverity)
(edit) @4870   4 years pterjan Fix 2 buffers leaking even if we exist just afterwards (coverity)
(edit) @4869   4 years pterjan Don't leak fd when malloc fails (coverity)
(edit) @4868   4 years sam web: ask crawler bots to hit us less aggressively.
(edit) @4867   4 years sam attr: fix a very old bug in caca_attr_to_ansi_fg.
(edit) @4866   4 years sam build: update bootstrap script.
(edit) @4865   4 years sam codec: add import code for .BIN binary ANSI files.
(edit) @4864   4 years sam codec: fix \t handling in the text importer.
(edit) @4863   4 years alxf Fixed character attribute in ncurses driver.
(edit) @4862   4 years alxf Fixed typo in driver/x11.c.
(edit) @4861   4 years jylam * reordered
(edit) @4860   4 years jylam * reordering
(edit) @4859   5 years sam build: fix the WTFPL homepage and copyright information.
(edit) @4858   5 years sam Switch to Christmas logo!
(edit) @4857   5 years carmie
(edit) @4856   5 years carmie
(edit) @4855   5 years carmie j'enleve le background de #attachments parce que ca fait une barre …
(edit) @4854   5 years carmie correction vieux bug css
(edit) @4853   5 years carmie logo 10ans libcaca
(edit) @4852   5 years sam win32: improvements to the Win32 driver by Bastian Märkisch …
(edit) @4851   5 years sam string: avoid an infinite loop with some invalid UTF-8 sequences, and …
(edit) @4850   5 years sam build: fix copyright date in old files.
(edit) @4849   5 years sam build: make the build process less verbose.
(edit) @4848   5 years sam examples: fix a potential buffer overflow in the canvas example, …
(edit) @4847   5 years sam misc: fix a few memory leaks and invalid memory accesses.
(edit) @4846   5 years pterjan Allow building with -Werror=format-security
(edit) @4845   5 years pterjan Use macros to access len, needed for ruby 1.9
(edit) @4844   5 years pterjan Use mkmf to get flags, needed for ruby 1.9
(edit) @4843   5 years sam core: fix a mistake in the caca_set_color_ansi() documentation.
(edit) @4842   5 years sam build: fix the OS X and Clang builds.
(edit) @4841   5 years wisk fix crash on windows 32-bit and compute_patch_size
(edit) @4840   5 years sam string: fix a potential memory corruption with caca_printf() calls …
(edit) @4839   5 years sam win32: add some console handling function diversions.
(edit) @4838   5 years sam win32: add more explicit error messages and add support for 0xb8 opcode.
(edit) @4837   5 years wisk add relocate_hook to improve api hooking, fix dll name string …
(edit) @4836   5 years sam build: fix compilation by including <wchar.h> and checking for regwexec.
(edit) @4835   5 years sam cosmetic: get rid of CRLF line endings.
(edit) @4834   5 years wisk add new hook for windows (CreateFileMapping?(A|W), MapViewOfFile?, …
(edit) @4833   5 years wisk port zzuf to win64 (amd64)
(edit) @4832   5 years wisk add regex feature for win32
(edit) @4831   5 years wisk change the method of hooking, now we disassemble the beginning of the …
(edit) @4830   5 years wisk start to implement hotpatch hook on win32 port, but some API don't …
(edit) @4829   5 years wisk win32 port starts to fuzz executable (only few functions related to …
(edit) @4828   5 years wisk fix tmp file creation on win32, start to implement handling of win32 …
(edit) @4827   5 years wisk on win32, use a named pipe and IOCP to read stdout, stderr and debugfd …
(edit) @4826   5 years wisk
(edit) @4825   5 years sam doc: hide "extern" from the final documentation.
(edit) @4824   5 years sam figfont: fix uninitialised data access.
(edit) @4823   5 years sam build: ship a weak symbol for vsnprintf, too, because our weak symbol …
(edit) @4822   5 years sam win32: define a custom sprintf_s() weak symbol. The VS2010 runtime …
(edit) @4821   5 years sam build: install the static libraries as caca.lib, not libcaca.lib.
(edit) @4820   5 years sam build: disable subdir-objects option because it makes the distclean …
(edit) @4819   5 years sam build: switch to subdir objects and fix copyright information in string.c.
(edit) @4818   5 years sam caca: allow to define the CACA_STATIC macro to deactivate dllimport …
(edit) @4817   5 years sam win32: use sprintf_s and vsnprintf_s on Windows, so that our static …
(edit) @4816   5 years sam build: use RbConfig? instead of Config in the Ruby checks.
(edit) @4815   5 years sam build: fix Win32 build and allow to build Win64 binaries from Linux, …
(edit) @4814   5 years sam build: no longer create symlinks for old libcucul stuff; it's really …
(edit) @4813   5 years sam win32: add debug information to the function diversion code.
(edit) @4812   5 years sam build: fix the Visual Studio compilation, remove old solution …
(edit) @4811   5 years sam build: add ignore entries for Visual Studio crap.
(edit) @4810   5 years sam linux: fix a few compilation warnings.
(edit) @4809   5 years sam Fix a weird problem with lib6 versioned symbols.
(edit) @4808   5 years sam osx: do not enforce flat namespace in copy mode on OS X.
(edit) @4807   5 years sam release: libcaca 0.99.beta18
(edit) @4806   5 years sam build: fix copyright information.
(edit) @4805   5 years sam figfont: support setting the canvas width and smushing mode from the …
(edit) @4804   5 years sam build: fix "make dist", which was broken because of the vcproj -> …
(edit) @4803   5 years sam figfont: stick the source canvas's width, if specified.
(edit) @4802   5 years alxf Add support for python3 to python bindings.
(edit) @4801   5 years alxf Add unittest for canvas module.
(edit) @4800   5 years alxf Drop tabs and trailing spaces.
(edit) @4799   5 years alxf Add check-source rule for python files.
(edit) @4798   5 years alxf Fixed wildcard for python and perl extension.
(edit) @4797   5 years alxf Add cacaclock demo and python binaries to git ignore list.
(edit) @4796   6 years pterjan Do not send the updated canvas if we failed sending the UPDATE command
(edit) @4795   6 years pterjan Include sys/stat.h
(edit) @4794   6 years pterjan Test pam_misc.h location instead of checking for OSX
(edit) @4793   6 years pterjan Fix a bit more for FreeBSD
(edit) @4792   6 years sam util.h and libutil.h seem mutually exclusive on OS X; only include the …
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