Nov 12, 2003, 2:48:58 AM (19 years ago)
Sam Hocevar
  • libee/graphics.c: + Renamed ee_color() to ee_set_color(), wrote ee_get_color().
  • libee/line.c: + Implemented draw_polyline() and draw_thin_polyline().
  • libee/sprite.c: + Removed the f member of struct ee_sprite. + Implemented ee_get_sprite_{width|height|dx|dy}(). + Restore the color fater ee_draw_sprite() is called.
  • libee/box.c: + Fixed a bug causing improper box clipping at the right and the bottom.
  • data/foo_fighter: + Fixed bugs in the sprite.
  • src/intro.c: + Test effects for the future game's intro.
  • test/spritedit.c: + Added stuff to the sprite editor. We can now navigate through frames.
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