Nov 11, 2006, 9:11:26 AM (15 years ago)
Sam Hocevar
  • Switch back to UTF-32 arguments for drawing primitives, now that we properly export cucul_utf8_to_utf32(). Evil API breakage, but no one uses these functions anyway.
1 edited


  • libcaca/trunk/caca/caca0.h

    r1269 r1330  
    4747extern unsigned char __caca0_fg;
    4848extern unsigned char __caca0_bg;
    49 extern char __caca0_utf8[];
    5150/* These enums and macros changed names or values */
    143142#define caca_draw_line(x, y, z, t, c) \
    144     (__caca0_utf8[0] = c, \
    145      cucul_draw_line(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, t, __caca0_utf8))
     143    cucul_draw_line(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, t, c)
    146144#define caca_draw_polyline(x, y, z, c) \
    147     (__caca0_utf8[0] = c, \
    148      cucul_draw_polyline(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, __caca0_utf8))
     145    cucul_draw_polyline(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, c)
    149146#define caca_draw_thin_line(x, y, z, t) \
    150147    cucul_draw_thin_line(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, t)
    152149    cucul_draw_thin_polyline(__caca0_cv, x, y, z)
    153150#define caca_draw_circle(x, y, z, c) \
    154     (__caca0_utf8[0] = c, cucul_draw_circle(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, __caca0_utf8))
     151    cucul_draw_circle(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, c)
    155152#define caca_draw_ellipse(x, y, z, t, c) \
    156     (__caca0_utf8[0] = c, \
    157      cucul_draw_ellipse(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, t, __caca0_utf8))
     153    cucul_draw_ellipse(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, t, c)
    158154#define caca_draw_thin_ellipse(x, y, z, t) \
    159155    cucul_draw_thin_ellipse(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, t)
    160156#define caca_fill_ellipse(x, y, z, t, c) \
    161     (__caca0_utf8[0] = c, \
    162      cucul_fill_ellipse(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, t, __caca0_utf8))
     157    cucul_fill_ellipse(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, t, c)
    163158#define caca_draw_box(x, y, z, t, c) \
    164     (__caca0_utf8[0] = c, cucul_draw_box(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, t, __caca0_utf8))
     159    cucul_draw_box(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, t, c)
    165160#define caca_draw_thin_box(x, y, z, t) \
    166161    cucul_draw_thin_box(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, t)
    167162#define caca_fill_box(x, y, z, t, c) \
    168     (__caca0_utf8[0] = c, cucul_fill_box(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, t, __caca0_utf8))
     163    cucul_fill_box(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, t, c)
    169164#define caca_draw_triangle(x, y, z, t, u, v, c) \
    170     (__caca0_utf8[0] = c, \
    171      cucul_draw_triangle(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, t, u, v, __caca0_utf8))
     165    cucul_draw_triangle(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, t, u, v, c)
    172166#define caca_draw_thin_triangle(x, y, z, t, u, v) \
    173167    cucul_draw_thin_triangle(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, t, u, v)
    174168#define caca_fill_triangle(x, y, z, t, u, v, c) \
    175     (__caca0_utf8[0] = c, \
    176      cucul_fill_triangle(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, t, u, v, __caca0_utf8))
     169    cucul_fill_triangle(__caca0_cv, x, y, z, t, u, v, c)
    178171#define caca_rand(a, b) cucul_rand(a, (b)+1)
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