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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
cacamoo 2979   13 years Sam Hocevar Port cacamoo to the unified libcaca 0.99.beta15 API.
cacatris 2982   13 years Sam Hocevar Add a .gitignore file for git-svn users.
libcaca 3554   12 years Sam Hocevar Fix caca_get_char() documentation, courtesy of Romain Bignon.
libpipi 3548   12 years Sam Hocevar Don't force MJPEG in makemovie. Other codecs work just fine.
neercs 3551   12 years Pascal Terjan * Add missing svn:keywords on some source files
powerpipo 2986   13 years Sam Hocevar Port powerpipo to the unified libcaca 0.99.beta15 API.
pwntcha 2318   13 years Sam Hocevar * Step 2 of the code reorganisation: move each font to its …
research 2763   13 years Sam Hocevar * spelling
toilet 3552   12 years Sam Hocevar Added "letter.tlf", a font designed by Francesco Poli.
ttyvaders 3429   12 years Sam Hocevar Spawn fewer bonus items, try to center sprites despite no longer …
web 3479   12 years Pascal Terjan Upload a more recent screenshot of neercs
zzuf 3408   13 years Sam Hocevar lib-fd.c: accept() may accept NULL as the addrlen argument. Do not …
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