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1/** \page libcaca-env Libcaca environment variables
3 Some environment variables can be used to change the behaviour of
4 \e libcaca without having to modify the program which uses it. These
5 variables are:
7 \li \b CACA_DRIVER: set the backend video driver. In order of preference:
8     - \c conio uses the DOS conio.h interface.
9     - \c ncurses uses the ncurses library.
10     - \c slang uses the S-Lang library.
11     - \c x11 uses the native X11 driver.
12     - \c gl uses freeglut and opengl libraries.
13     - \c raw outputs to the standard output instead of rendering the
14       canvas. This is can be used together with cacaserver.
16 \li \b CACA_GEOMETRY: set the video display size. The format of this
17     variable must be \c XxY, with \c X and \c Y being integer values. This
18     option currently works with the raw, X11 and GL drivers.
20 \li \b CACA_FONT: set the rendered font. The format of this variable is
21     implementation dependent, but since it currently only works with the
22     X11 driver, an X11 font name such as \c fixed or \c 5x7 is expected.
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