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  • Use enter as the transition key.
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[1093]1.TH libcaca 1 "2006-9-23" "libcaca"
[208]2.SH NAME
[1093]3cacademo, cacafire \- libcaca's demonstration applications
[1093]10This manual page documents briefly the cacademo and cacafire programs.
[1093]12.B cacademo
13displays ASCII art effects with animated transitions: metaballs, moire pattern
14of concentric circles, old school plasma, Matrix-like scrolling.
[248]16.B cacafire
17displays burning ASCII art flames.
[526]18.SH KEYS
[1226]20.B Enter
[1093]21forces an effect transition to happen
[526]23.B Space
24pauses and resumes the program
26.B Esc
27exits the program
[248]28.SH BUGS
29Please report any bugs you find to <>.
[1093]31cacademo is covered by the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License
32(WTFPL). cacafire is covered by the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).
[248]33.SH AUTHORS
[1093]34.B cacademo's
35moire and matrix effects and this manual page were written by Sam Hocevar
[1093]38.B cacademo's
39metaball effect was written by Jean-Yves Lamoureux <>,
[248]40.B cacafire
41is a port of AAlib's
42.B aafire
[340]43written by Jan Hubicka <> and
[1093]44.B cacademo's
45plasma effect is a port of an SDL plasma effect written and put in the
46public domain by Michele Bini <>.
[248]47.SH SEE ALSO
48cacaview(1), aafire(1)
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