source: libcaca/trunk/caca/driver @ 4096

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
cocoa.m 29.8 KB 3582   11 years Sam Hocevar Coding style: remove tabs and trailing spaces.
conio.c 4.4 KB 2962   11 years Sam Hocevar libcaca: move codecs and import/export functions into subdirectories.
gl.c 17.6 KB 4096   10 years Sam Hocevar Don't enter glutCheckLoop() from gl_get_event() if there is already an …
ncurses.c 21.2 KB 3587   11 years Sam Hocevar Rename caca_get_cursor_x() and caca_get_cursor_y() to caca_wherex() …
null.c 1.9 KB 3621   11 years Sam Hocevar Include <stdio.h> in the null driver to get NULL.
raw.c 2.5 KB 3495   11 years Sam Hocevar Add caca_export_area_to_memory() to export only a selected part of the …
slang.c 18.0 KB 4082   10 years Sam Hocevar Pass Ctrl-C as a keypress to the calling application in the SLang …
vga.c 4.8 KB 3624   11 years Sam Hocevar Fix a typo in the VGA driver.
win32.c 15.0 KB 3489   11 years Sam Hocevar Add dirty rectangle support to the ncurses and VGA drivers.
x11.c 27.7 KB 4069   10 years Pascal Terjan * Fix Delete key with X11 driver
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