source: libcaca/trunk/DotNet/Makefile @ 1275

Last change on this file since 1275 was 921, checked in by Jean-Yves Lamoureux, 16 years ago
  • Added preliminary .NET bindings. Caca is complete, Cucul needs to be finished
File size: 253 bytes
2        mcs AssemblyInfo.cs Cucul.cs -out:libCucul.dll -target:library  -unsafe
3        mcs AssemblyInfo.cs Caca.cs -out:libCaca.dll -target:library  /r:./libCucul.dll /lib:./ -unsafe
5        mcs test.cs -out:test.exe /r:./libCucul.dll /r:./libCaca.dll /lib:./ -unsafe
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