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  • libee/ee.h: + Added ee_color_names[] containing our 16 color names.
  • libee/ee.c: + Extended our color set to the full 16 instead of 10. + Precalculate ncurses attributes.
  • libee/graphics.c: + Clip color value in ee_set_color(). + Clip characters in ee_putchar(). + Partially clip characters in ee_putstr(), overflows aren't checked yet.
  • libee/ee_internals.h: + New file to share extern variables within libee.
  • test/demo.c: + Added a simple demo_color() to output all colors. + Replaced four ee_draw_line() with ee_draw_thin_box(). + Replaced x1, y1, x2 etc. with xa, ya, xb etc. because <math.h> already

defines y1.

+ Randomized colours from 0 to 15 instead of 1 to 10.

  • src/ + Added -lm to the ttyvaders linking flags because of the intro.
  • README BUGS TODO: + Updated.
  • Property svn:keywords set to Id
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1$Id: BUGS 159 2003-11-12 21:18:50Z sam $
3Video rendering
5   o  Slang's and ncurses' hashmap scrolling optimization code cause the
6      screen to occasionally flicker because it tries to optimize the
7      vertical scrolling.
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